A 23-year-old Fridley man was charged Thursday in the strong-arm robbery of a diamond ring from a Coon Rapids jewelry store that left a saleswoman with a broken finger.

Matthew Thomas Kennedy was charged in Anoka County District Court for the Dec. 30 theft at Kay Jewelers at Riverdale Mall. He was arrested Tuesday after law enforcement publicized video and photographs of the robbery.

Video showed a man ripping the ring, with a 1.56-carat diamond valued at more than $15,000, from the hand of an employee as she stood behind the counter. The employee had been displaying the ring to Kennedy, the complaint said.

"Greed never lends itself to the best judgment and this alleged foolish act has led to an employee getting hurt," Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo said in a statement.

"Multiple sources" saw the surveillance images and directed officers to the suspect, the sheriff's office said. The saleswoman and witnesses made a positive identification.

The Anoka County Sheriff's Office said that Kennedy has "an extensive amount of law enforcement contacts." According to state records, Kennedy has numerous convictions since 2009, including receiving stolen property, theft and drunken driving.