A 27-year-old man was charged Tuesday after allegedly shooting another man in the face last weekend outside a St. Paul bar, killing him.

Nyemah Rodney-Kigee Kiyee, of St. Paul, was charged in Ramsey County District Court with second-degree murder in the death of Ahmed Ismail, 25, of St. Paul.

Police responded to the shooting about 2 a.m. Saturday and found Ismail in the parking lot of Arnellia's bar and restaurant in the 1100 block of University Avenue W.

He died at Regions Hospital, and was buried Tuesday.

According to the complaint:

Ismail was being dropped off with friends at Arnellia's when he saw a fight near the bar. One man, later identified as Kiyee, looked like he was being restrained by a group from fighting.

As Ismail and his friends walked toward the bar, they saw some people had been pepper-sprayed. Ismail approached the man who had been held back by the crowd and asked him what was going on.

The man pulled out a handgun, told Ismail to get back and then shot him in the face, Ismail's friends told police.

A security guard told police that the alleged shooter had shown a handgun to the crowd, which began to shout "Pull it!" as he walked toward the parking lot. While the guard did not see the shooting, he said he recognized the man with the gun and that he had shot at a car during an argument at a party a month before.

Kiyee, identified in photo lineups by people at the bar, was arrested Monday in Crystal. He told police he was at Arnellia's, saw a fight and tried to diffuse it before leaving the bar.

Kiyee has been convicted of third-degree assault for fighting a man outside a gas station after getting into an argument with his girlfriend.

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