No eyelashes were lost while testing the authenticity of Rachel Maddow's.

The new MSNBC show host, whose nationally syndicated radio show can be heard locally on KTNF (950 AM), encouraged me to "go on, tug; go on, tug -- TUG" when asked if those were her natural lashes. I met Maddow, along with many of her fans, at St. Paul's Cafe Latte at an event arranged by KTNF owner Janet Robert. Maddow's insistence caught me off guard, as you'll see at Humm. Now what can Keith Olbermann, for whom I've had a fondness since his ESPN days, allow me to tug, so that he can retain his place as my favorite MSNBC show host? Moving on.

Maddow's all about dispelling rumors. The NY Post's Page Six gossip column reported that MSNBC bosses have sicced a "glam squad" on Maddow. Really?

"They are making up things at the New York Post," said Maddow. "STOP PRESS. I know, I know, it is shocking. Can you image if they really had sent in a glam squad. You know how fast I can run?"

The would-be glamsters wouldn't have to do a thing to Maddow's eyelashes but slap on some mascara, if that.

The invisible columnist

"You're very nice, C.J.," said a smiling Gov. Tim Pawlenty, when I complimented his haircut Thursday at the RNC.

Pawlenty was on "Radio Row" schmoozing. Since I had lots to do with pressuring the guv into losing the mullet for something more veeperdential (it's not my fault he finished No. 2 out of the money), I wanted to ask why he never acknowledged the lovely hairstyle sketches I so thoughtfully mailed to his office.

Long and short, while Pawlenty was smiling away, his Muscle-Head briefly acted up, stepping in front of my camera.

"I didn't see you there, I'm sorry," said the security guy, disingenuously. View and decide for yourselves.

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