We just got off the phone with Donny Moore, who is in charge of rating players for the Madden 10 video game. His official title is game designer, but on the latest round of business cards he had made up, he is described as the Madden "Rating Czar." Such a title brings power. He decides the ratings for all the players in the game.

We spoke with Moore for a Q&A that will run later this week in the newsppaer, but we thought Stu would appreciate a couple of bonus questions that may or may not make the cut.

RB: I know you are locked into set rating categories, but if you had to go off the grid, what do you think his “Gunslinger” rating would be?

DM: He’d still have that. I’d call that … it’s more of a tendency. Favre would probably be 99. I don’t know a better gunslinger in the league.

RB: How about his “Looks like a kid just having fun out there” rating?

DM: Oh, man. Or his attention-getting rating. That would be off the chart, 100.

Moore also said ratings will change with roster updates -- which he hopes come out every week. So even though Favre is at an 82 right now, he could move up or down on a weekly basis (just like other players, of course). Moore ended with a humorous anecdote about how Edgerrin James used to text message him all the time to see how his rating compared to the ratings of other former University of Miami running backs.

What about all of you? Any special ratings categories you would like to see for specific players?



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