As a beekeeper and a consumer of food, I’m appalled that neonicotinoids are allowed in this country!  Check out the article written today by fellow GreenGirl, Kim Palmer. 

Our honey bees and the work they do help feed this great nation we need to take better care of our environment before all the honey bees die off.

I understand the need to keep pests out of the greenhouse in order to sell plants affordably; but don’t do it with substances known to affect honey bees!  Europe has banned neonicotinoids before all the ‘studies’ were complete.  Perhaps Europeans have a better understanding of the connection between the food we eat and honey bees.

Pollination has become a big business in direct correlation to the big business of food.  Colony collapsing disorder has put a damper on pollination and for the first time, there was a bee shortage for the California almond crop. 

So here I sit, a small two-hive beekeeper in central Minnesota.  How am I helping save the world? Well,  I’m helping the forest in the two mile radius of my hives pollinate more trees.  I’m helping the hayfield across the way produce more clover so the cows that eat hay in the winter can enjoy more nutritious feed.  And I’m continuing my hives so maybe someday, those almond farmers in California will pay me billions and billions for pollination services.