Here’s a twist: The Lynx had to slightly modify their pre-game warmup routine after arriving here at Arena just after 7 p.m. here local time for Game 3 of the WNBA finals.

The team had hoped to get here by 6:45 Eastern. Indeed, they left their hotel at 5:45 Eastern.  But the notoriously bad Atlanta traffic, made worse by a couple accidents, made for a long commute.

Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve said she was not bothered by the delay. “When stuff like that happens, you go into your trouble-shooting mode,” she said. “In terms of, ‘how much time do we have, do we tweak anything, what’s the best way to handle it?’ ‘’

The answer: Reeve curtailed the warmup routine for the forwards and centers by about seven minutes, getting the team back into their usual schedule by 75 minutes before tipoff.

Folks who have covered this team for a while say the team was rather late arriving to Game 3 at Atlanta. Indeed, some wags suggested the routine-driven Reeve had set it up to be late to mimic what happened two years ago, when the Lynx secured their first WNBA title.

Reeve didn’t remember that. But this is all something to keep in mind. It will be interesting to see how the Lynx come out for this game.

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