Good afternoon. Another hot day, to state the obvious. Could be worse; you could be dead. Or the killer in the presence of the nation’s finest detective, Lance “Snap Judgment” Lawson. This week’s installment:


Answer at the bottom.


WEB: A woman is scanning stuff she found in her father’s archives and posting them online. The cool part: her dad is Terry Gilliam. She’s finding the original art for the Python opening credits, for example.


MUSIC Of course someone has assembled all the music cues from the Spider-Man animated series. Why did you think someone hadn’t? I’m pretty sure #25 was meant for scenes at the Daily Bugle; the arrangement and instrumentation meant “news” back then.

As Beware of the Blog puts it:

I have never met anyone who does not love the background music from the original animated Spider-man cartoon.

Hmm. Well, I like it, now that I’ve heard it, and some of the cuts I really like, but I’ll save “love” for something else. Like the Spider-man cartoon theme. The story of the people who searched for the original tapes of the music, and why the search was so difficult, is here. It’s quite exhaustive, but it was a noble quest.

At least no one thinks the animated show was any good. It was horrible. All those Marvel Saturday morning shows were horrible. But at least the themes were good. Ever heard “Iron Man”? No? Here you go:



Also on the internets: Over at, a fellow shows a group of young children the Commodore 64. “By the time we got the game to load, I’d lost half my audience.” The method of loading a game will surprise some, but I remember those. You heard your data being loaded.


TIME WASTER You’d think that gives you a rote list of facts that mean nothing at all to you, because you don’t remember a thing about the year you were born. Actually, it’s oddly conversational. Did the author write every year? (Hint: no.) Plug in a few different years and you'll see what I mean. 

SOLUTION: if he'd been sitting in the chair, rigor mortis would have made him stiffen in a sitting position.


Of course. Stay tuned; they get harder.