It's an annual rite of spring and fall: The Lowry Hill Tunnel shuts down for cleaning and maintenance.

From 10 p.m. Tuesday until 5 a.m. Wednesday, both directions of I-94 will be closed at the tunnel.

Motorists will be directed to the Hennepin/Lyndale Avenue exits to get around the tunnel.   These routes are often congested and difficult to navigate.

If lines are long and you can't avoid the area, here are a couple thoughts:

A better solution for westbound motorists might be to get off at 5th Street, go to 5th Avenue and then head over to 3rd Street. Once on 3rd, it's a straight shot through downtown and an easy connection to 94.

Eastbound 94 drivers could exit on the 4th/7th Street exits. Once downtown, drivers can work their way over to 6th Street, which provides a connection to east 94 just past the Metrodome.

Anybody have other alternates to suggest?

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