Maria Isa release the video for "Lowrider Mamis," showcasing WestSide pride. (Photo courtesy of Twin Films/SotaRico)

Maria Isa release the video for "Lowrider Mamis," showcasing WestSide pride. (Photo courtesy of Twin Films/SotaRico)


I am very excited to share the video for "Lowrider Mamis (Caddy Lincoln Chevys)," off of my upcoming mix-tape"Sip It!"  First, let me give you a personal explanation of the video's concept.....
I am dedicating this to the memory of MexiRican Cartel mix-tape and souvenir shop owner Judy Ojeda.  Who served as an activist for human rights and promoted me as a hip-hop artist in 2005; selling my very first mix-tape compilation "A West Side Story" with (my first) hip-hop crew Many Styles.  Judy passed away suddenly in October of 2009.  I am honored to have her family's support til this day (her kids are featured in the video).  She was passionate about her Mexican heritage and her husband's Puerto Rican heritage.  It was with her, that I shared with the idea of branding SotaRico, before establishing the company with my family and close associates 2008. 
I also dedicated the song to the memory of my aunt Miriam Perez, who was from the Bronx and always respected the pride of the Latino community and the arts.  She was a fighter (literally).  Miriam was a Nuyorican raised by the 1950s.  Her personality reflected the Earnest Lehmon "West Side Story" character Anybodys, styled with a hint of Patsy Cline, while spinning to mambo and salsa.  She always taught me how to defend myself in many battles growing up.  Especially against the boys in my family.  Her influence has most definitely been a strong force within me as a woman and artist in the music business.
I truly could feel their smiles and pride during the filming of this video. 
SotaRico worked closely with TwinFilms who directed, filmed, and edited the video, shot on the Westside with the support of District Del Sol's "Cinco De May" Lowrider Car Show on May 7th, 2010.  SotaRico casted many versatile crews who represent the Westside's hip-hop community along with appearances from Youthrive Live colleagues Dj Snuggles and Dancing Dave
Growing up on St Paul's Westside, I take pride of the influences that represent our small, but diverse and passionate community.  The lyrics for "Lowrider Mamis" creative process began with the concept of Lloyd Banks' and Juelz Santana's release of "Beamer Benz Bentley," (Produced by PRIME). 
"Lowrider Mamis" was recorded, mixed and engineered by Eddie Sancho  in Queens, New York. I wanted to "rep for the chicas of my barrio" who respect and honor our cultural pride towards the Urban Latino art of Lowrider Cars. 
Paying homage in the first verse to Queen Latifah's "Who you calling a bitch" lyrics in the classic U.N.I.T.Y. 

Director Griffin Larson (TwinFilms) played with the idea of "instead of capturing the traditional 'video-hoes'vixens' (as Lloyd Banks and Juelz Santana did), we wanted to represent Maria Isa's image as 'the mami MC' with respect from the neighborhoods' "Papi-Cholos."   
I was Inspired by Lloyd Banks's phrase "my jeans are never empty," in Beamer Benz Bentley.  The inspiration came as a driving force to flip it and represent for the females who rock their fashion designer handbags with "Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Coach bags (are) never empty."   
I am working in NYC, recording my mix-tape and promoting Street Politics for the upcoming BMI showcase on July 6th, 2010 with my band in New York City's S.O.B's. This was an extra special treat to go back home to the Twin Cities and spend time working in the community that has helped raise me.  This video project truthfully was a pride to carry back and represent in the Big Apple.
Sit down relax and sit in our lowrider.....bounce up and down! I hope you enjoy it.
Paz, pa'lante y "WESTSIDE!".......
Maria Isa


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