Kevin Love made the national media rounds on Tuesday  in New York City while promoting Jose Cuervo tequila -- with whom he has signed an endorsement deal -- and his playing appearance next month in the company's Pro Beach Volleyball Series in Manhattan Beach, Calif. (which just happens to be where Kurt Rambis lives).

Back fresh from a nine-day vacation in Cozumel, Mexico and sporting a close-cropped Mohawk hairdo, here's some of what he told reporters on a day when he demonstrated his volleyball skills on a makeshift court assembled in Times Square:

* Unlike Kobe Bryant with the Lakers, he said he has "definitely" been asked by David Kahn -- presumably BEFORE the lockout -- about the team's open coaching job and he said he gave Kahn his "two cents."

Love said the team needs a coach to help it grow and learn to win in tough situations, a guy who can work with the team's youth and make it better.

He said he was flattered Kahn sought his opinion and acknowledged it's probably a move to help convince him to re-sign a long-term contraction extension

He said a few names were mentioned during his discussion with Kahn and all those names have interviewed so far.

You can bet Rick Adelman, who Love has known since at least his high-school years, was a name prominently mentioned.

* He mentioned how Adelman used the passing skills of big men Vlade Divac, Brad Miller and Chris Webber in his offense while with Sacramento.

"I think we could have a ton of success, so I do like the prospect of him coaching our team and I think he can get the best out of us young players," he said.

(Speaking of Adelman, I will post a blog later today with my take -- it's all about the $$$ -- on Adelman talking with the Wolves by phone rather than in person about the job).

* His gut tells him the lockout is going to last "a long time," but he's "hoping and praying" that he's wrong.

He says he wants to be able to say he played a full 15 seasons when his career is through and said he hopes this upcoming season will be more than 50 games without any games on three consecutive nights, as happens after the last lockout.

"I really hope it is all 82," he said.

* He said he and his agent are considering options to play overseas in the lockout is prolonged and said, "There are a few things in the works."

"I'm not going to say no to anything," he said. "There is a lot of money to be made, a lot of exposure, but also it's a way to work on your craft and keep improving your game. I'm open to anything."

He also mentioned in passing one interview a trip to China with Jason Kidd -- both endorse China-based Peak basketball shoes -- but didn't say anything more about it.

In the meantime, he said he's working out six days a week in Los Angeles and continues to work out with Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook, as he did for part of last summer.

* He called the NBA's decision to take down all images and references to players on its league and team websites, leaving what he called only news about the dance team and Crunch the mascot on the Wolves' site, as "silly."

* He said he is aware that NFL running back Robert Edwards blew out his knee playing beach flag football at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii a couple of years and said he considers his introduction to pro beach volleyball is a "great way" to stay active and competitive during the lockout.

One other other things:

Love has signed endorsement deals with Jose Cuervo and, of course, Right Guard (those shower commercials). He also has a deal with Chinese shoe maker Peak and is working as well with Target and Best Buy.

The list probably will only continue to grow, and the paychecks probably will come in handy the longer this lockout extends.


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