A campaign ad in which Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden discusses removing his son’s stitches with a pair of scissors temporarily vanished online following concerns from USA Hockey about the appearance of their logo.

The advertisement, which had already finished its broadcast run, features McFadden’s oldest son, Conor, telling the story about his father removing the stitches from a childhood hockey injury with a pair of scissors to save the $100 cost.

McFadden then says, “Send me to Washington and give me some scissors. I’ll put ’em to work.” The ad notes that McFadden will work to “take out Obamacare.” McFadden, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Al Franken, has become known for his irreverent ads.

In the advertisement, Conor McFadden sits next to a hockey table with a USA Hockey logo emblazoned on the side.

McFadden spokesman Tom Erickson said they temporarily removed the advertisements from the web after they were contacted by USA Hockey, which guards its image against use in political pieces.

“They had gotten some calls from people who had seen the ad online and thought the organization was supporting Mike,” Erickson said. “This happened after the ad already ran its course on broadcast.”

After the confusion, Erickson said the videos were removed “out of an abundance of caution” but later reposted with the logo obscured.