The creators behind WholeMe snacks believe that an absence of preservatives in the foods we eat actually helps preserve our lives.

“They’re healthy snacks,” said Mary Kosir, co-founder with Krista Steinbach. “That’s how they were designed. If you look at the ingredients, there’s nothing you have to Google because you’re more sure what it is.”

The two met at a local CrossFit gym, bonding over health — but also by how Kosir’s grain-free diet still made her crave a good snack, and Steinbach, herself on a strict whole foods diet, had the pastry chef credentials to devise a treat. The result is a line of wryly named snack bars: DateMe, with pecans and dates; WakeMe, with dates, cocoa nibs and espresso; and EatMe, a grain-free cereal with nuts, seeds, coconut and honey. The bars may be refrigerated or frozen for longer shelf life.

A recent successful Kickstarter campaign will help them expand the reach of their nutrient-dense products, but we’ll always know they got their start here.

$3 per bar. WholeMe products are in local CrossFit gyms and specialty foods stores, and online at