What are your opinions on the great debate of live bait vs. artificial bait?? I'm going to keep this one short and give you my thoughts. When every young kid starts fishing he or she is introduced to live bait such as nightcrawlers, wax worms and minnows why is this?? Is it because it catch's more fish or because its less work?? I would say less work. I believe that artificial bait catch's more fish and younger kids should start using it if they show a great deal of interest in fishing. When I started fishing I used to think it was impossible to catch fish on artificial baits, as I got older I started using them second to none. There are several different colors and styles making the possibilities endless in trying to make a fish bite. Plus artificial bait is cheaper in the long run as you can store it for several months andĀ even years without it going bad. Live bait is too sensitive to hot and cold making it very challenging at times to keep it alive. You can also lose all your live bait in a matter of a few seconds if someone tips the bait bucket over, who wants to ruin the fishing trip just like that! What are your experiences with live bait compared to artificial bait??

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The bite on "Tonka" can change much to fast!