Dan Miller, 41, Chicago finance manager wearing a First Avenue T-shirt (he grew up in Fridley): "It was great. I wish he would have played guitar a little more. He's such an incredible musician. He makes a lot of songs into 7- to 10-minute jams. I definitely got my money's worth."

Anita West, 46, Chicago physical therapist: "I liked the variety of songs and the tribute to Michael Jackson and the Time songs he's written. I didn't like being a fool that had to stay for the encore."

Matt Markoff, 30, Indianapolis hip-hop manager: "I liked his energy. He was very consistent. I liked his outfit. He was very engaging with the audience. He's a legend I can check off my list. I'm going to try to catch him Wednesday."

Melissa Lepore, 33, Chicago hotel marketer: "He's amazing, a great performer. There's a reason he's been around a long time. He doesn't look like he's 54."

Sara Finneke, 37, Chicago nurse: "I just saw Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen and Prince. Bruce cared more about his audience. But Prince is an amazing artist."

Shayna Olson, 26, Minneapolis hairdresser: "It was fantastic. Real music by real musicians. This was my ninth Prince concert. I want him to come to Minneapolis."