Retailers rarely mention competitors by name in advertising. That's why it attracts consumers' attention when they do. Wal-Mart, for example, has been hammering away at Cub's prices in its market basket comparisons. Recently, Liquor Boy in St. Louis Park took on Haskell's prices during its famous spring Nickel sale.


Liquor Boy advertises that it will beat any of Haskell's wine and spirit prices by 50 cents per bottle if a customer brings in Haskell's brochure.


It's a good strategy by Liquor Boy, but many of the more than 3,000 wines that Haskell's has on sale won't be found among Liquor Boy's smaller selection of about 900 wines, Bargain shoppers will have the most luck choosing well-known, best-selling brands.

Haskell's has nearly 10,000 wines. About one-third of  its wines are on sale at any given time with its biggest sale of the year going on now through April 27. 

Here's a sampling of wines available at both retailers. All are on sale at Haskell's. Liquor Boy's

everyday prices were checked Wed., April 10.



Red Truck blend-- LB: $5.99; Haskell's: $6.95

La Crema Pinot Noir-- LB $19.99; Haskell's $21.95

Kim Crawford Sauv. Blanc-- LB: $10.99;  Haskell's: $12.95   

J Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet-- LB: $11.99;  Haskell's: $12.95 

Gascon Malbec-- LB: $8.99;  Haskell's: $9.95

A to Z Pinot Gris-- LB: $12.95;  Haskell's: $10.95 

Coppola Claret-- LB: $10.99;  Haskell's: $12.95 

Alamos Malbec-- LB: $7.99;  Haskell's: $7.95

Veuve Cliquot-- LB: $37.99;  Haskell's: $39.95


So in this sampling of prices, Liquor Boy's prices were lower on 7 of 9 wines. Only twice (the A to Z Pinot Gris and the Alamos Malbec) would Liquor Boy have to lower its price to match Haskell's (and cough up another 50 cents per bottle).

Liquor Boy owner John Wolf started the price match at the beginning of April. "We've had hundreds of people come in with the Haskell's ad," he said, "But we only have to do a match maybe 30 percent of the time. Otherwise, our prices are lower." 

Haskell's also matches competitors' lower prices but they have to be printed in an advertisement.                                                                               


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