He’s been missing now for 23 years. Yet those inspired by Jacob Wetterling continue to remember him and work to make the world a safer place for children.

To honor Wetterling, officials with the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center are asking the public to turn on a porch light tonight on the 23rd anniversary of his abduction, which occured on a dirt road in rural St. Joseph, Minn. as the 11-year-old, his brother and a friend walked home from a convenience store about 9 p.m.

Despite more than 40,000 leads through the years and police interviews with more than 4,000 suspects, Wetterling has not been found, and his case remains a mystery.

In addition to turning on a porch light, the JWRC also is encouraging citizens to talk with children about safety or volunteer at a school or with a neighborhood organization.

The idea, said Alison Feigh, a former classmate of Wetterling’s and now program coordinator for the JWRC, “is to create more light in this world” and “create a world that our children deserve.

“We’re not going to let the abductor take away any more than he’s already taken,” Feigh said. “We’re making sure we claim what is ours and what’s worth fighting for. We believe in the safety of our children.”