About a half-hour across the Minnesota border into South Dakota, the high school wrestlers at Madison High School have an annual event called "Madison Square Garden." Upload has never seen the thing, so we need to rely on this typo-packed description (Upload is fluent in typo) posted on a South Dakota wrestling fan site: "A packed gym, rediculously loud music played at ever stop in the action, 1 big light over the mat, 1000 glow sticks, stats in prom dresses, and loud fans makes the night trully one of 1 of a kind."

That "1 big light over the mat" wasn't such a good idea this time, when it came crashing down on the head of a Madison High wrestler during a match.

As sports editor Larry Leeds of the Madison Daily Leader reported: "During the past 27 years of having Madison Square Garden Night, no one has seen anything like what was witnessed during the 160-pound match on Friday night between Madison High School's Michael McComish and Chamberlain's Thomas Swanson."

The Daily Leader report comes without photo evidence, but if you want to see for yourself what happened. (Go to the 55 second mark when things start to get hot):

Fortunately (for all except the lawyers) things turned out as well as could be expected. McComish reported that he needed about 15 to 20 stitches in his forehead and was otherwise in good shape.

Or, as his mother told the Daily Leader, "We are very thankful it was not more serious."

Amen to that.



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