My husband and I were both disgusted by the front-page photo Feb. 21 of the U.S. women’s hockey team wearing their silver medals. These women represent our country and should have been proud to be up on the podium. Yes, they did lose and came in second place — but I am sure there are many teams who would have loved to have received a silver medal. These young women should have overcome their disappointment to stand tall and proud on the podium and then shed their tears in private.

LINDA DALEY, Bloomington

• • •

This kind of display — that a loss like this is the equivalent of losing a family member or close friend to death — does not show the world what a tough competitor one is. It merely shows childish, petulant behavior, and/or bad coaching, or both.

For the Star Tribune to display the photo on the front page shows the old axiom is correct: “If it bleeds, it leads.” It reveals a lack of community responsibility showing this disgraceful display as an example for every young girl and boy on how a “real competitor” behaves.

DAVID BERGER, Minneapolis