Oh, my. You’re not from Minnesota, are you? (“Nice spring, eh? No, and let’s not talk about it anymore,” editorial, April 19.) Do you think that in a land of 10,000 lakes (really, more than 15,000), weather is a trivial subject? We take our weather seriously here: Talking about it is not “a tool we use to avoid talking about our feelings.” It defines us and challenges us and lifts our spirits from time to time. Sorry, I will not take your pledge.

How ’bout this snow?

B. Zandlo Hutchinson, Blaine

• • •

Each winter, when it first snows, I put my bike in the basement, dust off my Metro Transit Go-To Card, and refamiliarize myself with the Nos. 14 and 22 bus schedules. In the spring, the process reverses.

This year, Mother Nature threw a wrench in my routine. Two weeks after getting back on my bike, there was 6 inches of snow on the ground and I was back on the bus. Rather than groan, I’d like to use this opportunity to do something in the Star Tribune that I try to do every time I get off the bus — thank Metro Transit drivers.

While other Minnesotans drive through blizzards, white-knuckled and sweating through their business suits, I read books, check e-mail and make bus friends. I never worry about how bad the conditions are outside, because I’m riding with the best drivers in the Twin Cities. So, before this last snowfall melts, I just want to say thanks.

Adam Gerhardstein, Minneapolis