Beyond-belief moments are what sell newspapers, and the members of the Minnesota State University, Mankato, football team have stepped forward to do their part (“Mavericks revolt against return of Mankato coach,” April 17). Athletic arrogance and colossal misjudgment are legendary in the NFL and clearly have a running start in Mankato. May every member of the Mavericks squad be subject to a witch hunt of equal or greater magnitude than what Todd Hoffner has had to endure, so that they might gain some understanding of empathy.

Mark Palas, St. Paul

• • •

What a slap in the face the Mavericks gave Hoffner after the legal process restored his coaching job to him! The understanding comments of Hoffner’s wife, Melodee — “You have to remember that these are young kids and they’re confused. … They were told that Aaron Keen would be their head coach for so long, and now that’s not the case.” — proved she was the star in all this.

Lorraine Boyer, Burnsville