I’d much rather that the Minneapolis City Council spend time on fixing roads, upgrading infrastructure, feeding the homeless (people, that is) and oversee responsible density growth than be wasting its time on feral cats (“Feral cats win round at City Hall,” Sept. 12).

Not that I want to promote any more discussion on this topic, but:

• No one has said what feral cats cost this community currently.

• No one has defined the desired end result.

• No one has said how feral cat communities, as proposed, will provide a better result at a lesser cost.

• No one has proposed a method of measuring results.

• No one has mentioned that healthy, neutered feral cats will likely live “x” years longer than the current population in the wild. What are the likely ramifications to other species of critter living in the city?

What is the benefit to the city? Plus, neutering cats is so invasive! Couldn’t we just provide them with condoms, or teach them safe sex or abstinence?

This issue is dipped in the biggest jar of “stupid” I’ve ever seen.