Regarding Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire’s contract extension, I don’t share the ire some have shown, because I don’t think he is the problem. When he has had talented players, he has done quite well. Which brings us to the gorilla in the room — the question no reporter dares to ask when interviewing the Pohlads. They told us they couldn’t compete without a new stadium. They said that was the issue. During the first year in the new stadium, the payroll was around $130 million but has been slashed every year. Fans have watched as the team let good player after good player go via trade or free agency (except for one grossly overpaid one who now consumes nearly a third of the payroll).

The public held up its end of the bargain. The team got its new stadium. Now the Pohlads need to step up to the plate. Barring that, they need to explain why they are not spending the increased revenue to improve the team or sell the Twins to someone who will.

JOHN G. MORGAN, Burnsville