Today marks the start of Minnesota’s second wolf hunt, despite these facts: There is no biological basis for the hunt; a majority of Minnesotans oppose killing wolves for sport. A statewide poll of 600 registered voters conducted by Lake Research Partners last winter found that 66 percent of respondents believe that there is no need for a wolf hunt if Minnesotans already have the legal authority to kill wolves if the animal threatens people, livestock or property.

Our system has failed us. The Department of Natural Resources failed us when it listened only to the small numbers of hunters and trappers who want to kill wolves. The Legislature failed us when it allowed special interests to dictate wolf policy shortly after Great Lakes wolves were removed from the endangered-species list. Gov. Mark Dayton failed us when he signed the bill authorizing a wolf hunt. The media, including the Star Tribune, failed us by not acknowledging that the wolf hunt is the result of lobbying by special interests.

That is the story — a broken system ignoring the wishes of the majority so a small minority can pose with their trophy wolves. We need to fix this now. Your opinion matters. We can’t fail the wolves again.