When I first heard about “Little Free Libraries,” I thought: What a great idea; I want one! Like others referenced in the Nov. 13 article “Take a book, return a book,” I love reading and I love sharing books with others. It was only later, when I saw a lineup of Little Free Libraries for sale at a hardware store across the street from a public library, that I had second thoughts. What if all of the money spent by people buying and installing their own “Little Free Library” went instead to support our public libraries? Wouldn’t a lot more people have free access to a lot more books? Public libraries have cut their hours and staff and struggle to keep up with limited resources. Yet they offer our public a very valuable resource. Now when I see Little Free Libraries, I think instead of the lost opportunity to invest more heavily in our community asset: public libraries. I would love to see our libraries have the resources to be open full time once again.

PATTI HAGUE, Minneapolis