Should the Legislature pass a bonding bill this year? (“To bond or not to bond? Communities await news,” May 2.) Without a doubt, the answer is yes because the historically low interest rates and the very competitive bid prices that contractors are offering means getting more value for our dollars.

In addition, more construction work means more employment and more sales for various supporting businesses. Finally, the multiplier effect of local spending means those dollars provide nearly twice the value, if not more, as the original dollars that are spent are respent.

There are many worthwhile, ready-to-go projects that are waiting for the state to be a partner. Plus, a bonding bill can be done and still stay within the state’s financial parameters.

This positive climate is not going to last indefinitely. With all the advantages and little, if any, downside, this is a year to make investments in Minnesota and help improve the state’s economy and employment picture.

Let’s hope that politics won’t get in the way.

STEVE COOK, Hutchinson, Minn.

The writer is Hutchinson’s mayor.