Communities all over our country are making final arrangements for their Memorial Day observances. The location is reserved; the musicians/singers are practicing; the Boys and Girls State winners are rehearsing, and the main speaker is planning an inspiring speech — moving each of us to a renewed gratefulness for the sacrifices done in our name to keep our nation free. The only thing missing — is you. Plan to attend a celebration or observance in your community.

I have noticed that in many communities, there are parks or areas where statues are displayed of the various branches of the military. In many of these parks, a soldier is portrayed head bowed, kneeling in prayer. I think I know what they are praying for: that our government leaders will always act with restraint, reason and wisdom when faced with the dilemma of going into another war. I think they hope that their sons and daughters will not be sent into any armed conflict — if it can be avoided. I think that is what many of us pray for.

Darlene Thyen, Paynesville, Minn.