As an independent voter looking at the news these days, I find myself regularly baffled. One hundred fifty incredibly wealthy Democrats raise $15 million at a one-night party for President Obama.

In Minnesota, a Democratic governor and mayor lead the charge to provide the biggest corporate welfare package to a billionaire the state has ever seen.

The nation's Democratic administration staunchly defends the war in Afghanistan and the continued use of drones to kill in other countries and the right to keep Guantanamo open. The antiwar movement of the Bush era is virtually nonexistent.

The anger about the One Percenters continues to rise. The only One Percenter I know is the CEO of the company I worked at for 17 years.

His company employs 10,000 people and is partially responsible for creating the most efficient food distribution system in the world.

The One Percenters at the president's shindig are exemplified by the actor Jack Black, who gave us the likes of "Nacho Libre" and has helped make the entire country a bit dumber.

I guess I should get past being surprised that holding political power trumps values every time.