The May 9 article “Police toss cold water on latest fad” sorely misrepresented the “cold water challenge,” focusing on a few extreme outliers. This practice is hardly a “daredevil” or “attention-seeking” stunt: It usually consists of running into hip-deep, non-moving lake water on a public beach for less than 20 seconds. I have yet to hear of anybody at my high school jumping off anything more drastic than a dock or into any sort of moving water. I have trouble believing that, when done right, the challenge could be “easily deadly.” Also, a nominee is not usually given the choice between going into the water or donating money. Instead, money is donated to cancer research when you complete the challenge and show the video as proof to whoever nominated you. This is merely a fun, safe thing to do with friends that supports a good cause. Some have taken it to extremes.

Weston Lowry, Minneapolis