I appreciated the Feb. 26 article "City of Light dials it down." The awareness of the need for darkness as well as light seems to be growing as cities, communities and people address the issue of constant light.

An even bigger issue: How do people resolve the problem of light shining in their homes and yards from digital billboards? To make it even more specific, how about an 80-foot digital billboard with shifting images and bright colors that glow obscenely in the night sky 24 / 7?

Three years ago, West St. Paul opted to erect such a billboard along southbound Hwy. 52. Since I live in South St. Paul along northbound Hwy. 52, neither my neighbors nor I had any say in this intrusion of light in our homes and yards. I wholeheartedly support those who are looking at the negative impact of constant light in our homes and neighborhoods. Perhaps nothing will come of my continued fight to bring down this particular billboard, but maybe this new awareness can help prevent future nighttime "blight."

Nikki Laliberte, South St. Paul