In the March 9 Variety cover article about Miley Cyrus (“Queen of the button pushers”), Twin Cities radio personality Lori Barghini is quoted as saying: “Women have to jump higher and work harder for everything.” Apparently, jumping higher and working harder entail such pursuits as humping inanimate objects and simulating sex in front of an audience.

While Cyrus is entitled to act any way she chooses, for anyone to suggest that engaging in what many people consider disgusting behavior as a means to achieve does nothing to help women in the way of becoming equal members of today’s society. As a woman, what I find equally offensive is Barghini’s comment that women’s sexuality is “one of our few weapons that can be very strengthening.” I don’t know how many women Barghini knows, but I know many women with great strengths, the least of which is their ability to objectify themselves.

Cheri Fjermestad, Granite Falls, Minn.