This has been a near-record-setting winter — one with a lot of snow, ice and sleet, and with extremely cold temperatures and windchills.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation and counties take a lot of guff from we “Minnesota Nice” locals. The complaints surround not clearing the roads fast enough, good enough and, yes, for not repairing the potholes as quickly as they appear.

Living downtown, I have watched the snow-removal teams with their plows and buckets and dump trucks working tirelessly all night, while many of us are asleep in our warm beds. They scoop and push and shove the snow out of parking lots and off roads to make our morning commutes more tolerable, more doable and, ultimately, safer. These teams need to hear that we appreciate them. They are out working during what is often the coldest time of day.

So thanks to all of the dedicated snow-removal teams for what you do in the dark of the night when most folks are unaware.

Roberta Patrow, Minneapolis