I recently resigned from my "powerful" job after 30-plus years with the goal of repurposing my career. Some would say that being unemployed renders me powerless. But spending several days dealing with the impact of the recent storms, high humidity and no electricity was more the reality of powerlessness. Ending a long-term career and enduring a four-day power outage are inconveniences at worst, and opportunities at best.

At church, the priest discussed the ways our society has come to depend on power: television, the Internet, dishwashers, lights, etc. It made me grateful for the employees at Xcel Energy and those who came from other states to assist in getting the power back for us. Many of them gave up family time and the weekend to serve the public. Their efforts are to be applauded. Now the rest of us need to focus compassionately on bigger realities of powerlessness, such as those who are homeless and are in need of empowerment.