Like any family, we are proud of our son, and especially so for his service to our country. As a strong supporter of our troops, so too was Vince Flynn (“He wrote book on terror decade,” June 20).

Inside his recent book, Flynn inscribed the following for our son, who celebrated his 21st birthday while stationed deep in Afghanistan last summer: “Craig, we are very proud of you back in Minnesota. Semper Fi and Happy Birthday, Vince Flynn.”

According to our son, if you visit nearly any USO around the world, you’ll find that Flynn’s books are prized, numerous and well-worn. So before returning safely home from the Helmand province, our son tore out the title page as a keepsake, but left the book for the next group of deployed Marines.

There can be no doubt that Flynn’s action was replicated many times, in many ways, and we are so grateful. He will be missed.