As a small-business owner, I am saddened that Accent Signage Systems is being sued for gross negligence after six employees were tragically killed by a deranged coworker last fall ("Sign firm sued in shootings," Feb. 2).

Over 25 years, I have had to terminate employees and never have had to hire a security guard for fear of my life, as the law firm alleges Accent should have done. Yes, I have lost sleep the night before firing someone, but I never feared violence from my employees.

I am sure Accent's business already has been adversely affected by this tragedy. The lawsuit could further affect the remaining employees. They may find their hours reduced, or could even be laid off.

The business possibly could fold under the burden of a legal award. What good does this lawsuit do for Accent's employees? Nothing. Only the lawyers win.


The writer is the owner of Strike Twice Computers.