U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar is of the opinion that "Talent trained here" -- in the United States -- "shouldn't be sent packing" (Feb. 13) because America is "richer for opening our doors to people from other places."

Indeed. But what about the "other places"? What about the countries that have invested, often of meager means, in educating their young people who leave for postgraduate training? Will Dr. Puneet Arora, now that he has his green card, be returning to his home country of India?

What is India's return on investment in its young medical students, most of whom are trained at public expense in publicly financed hospitals? Not great.

India has the distinction of being the world's largest exporter of highly qualified physicians. There are only six physicians per 10,000 population in India; the U.S. physician/population ratio is 23 per 10,000.

Yes, America will be richer for the talents for Dr. Arora. His native country will be poorer.