I find the situation with Muhammad Shahzaib Bajwa quite distressing (“Hospital: Man in coma can’t stay,” Feb. 13). As a longtime teacher (at the community-college level), I have worked with many students who’ve studied on a student visa. A few rich brats aside, these are some of the best students.

This young man’s visa must be extended. When he recovers (here or back in Pakistan), he needs to know that he can continue his intended course of study.

If this is political, this is an outrage. Has anyone looked into Mr. Bajwa, the man? Well, I did. I conferred with friends and colleagues who knew him before he was injured when the car in which he was riding struck a deer. And it turns out that he is gregarious, curious, peace-loving and — oh, yeah — that he set up what could be one of the first women’s advocacy groups in Pakistan.

Isn’t he exactly what’s needed for a modern Pakistan? Why on earth is the State Department trying to send him home? It appears his bills are being addressed, so that makes this a political issue. If not, and it is a money issue, that is worse.

Do the right thing. Extend the visa. If not for his concern, at least for a little international goodwill.

MIKE BEZDICEK, Minneapolis