The point of the Feb. 11 article “Status speakers” was to inform people that our American “thirst” for the British accent is rooted in some not-so-nice history. That premise may be sound, but the author missed a larger point, and while it doesn’t invalidate what he is saying, it deserves a mention.

Americans are in love not only with the British accent, but with nearly all foreign accents. Whether it is Spanish (Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas), French (Brigitte Bardot, Jacques Cousteau), Colombian (Sofia Vergara, Shakira) and those of any number of other countries: Cyprus, Latvia, Russia, Japan …

I could go on and on. These accents all sound exotic and musical to us, while ours sound kind of flat and dead. However, the good news is that after having traveled all over the world and having good friends in many foreign countries, I can attest that they find our accents interesting and exotic.