As a student at Prior Lake High School, I have seen the positive effects of immigrants, who bring new understanding and diversity to our school, state and nation ("DREAM Act aids immigrants, nation," editorial, Dec. 11).

I do not believe it is fair that children who had no say in coming to the United States should be punished and uprooted from their friends, homes and lives and deported to another country that they know next to nothing about.

If they are willing to pay taxes, serve in our military and take jobs that many Americans turn down, this could be a good thing for the country.

Also, it is not like we are allowing anyone and everyone the benefits of the DREAM Act. The House bill has ensured safeguards that disqualify people who have not earned high school degrees or who have criminal records.

America was founded on immigration, on rights, and on freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Isn't that what this bill is trying to grants these immigrants?