As a state, we must continue to maintain the use of precious alternative energy sources. A drought raged through the Midwest all summer. The recent weather has gone from 60 to 10 within days. Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast. These phenomena are evidence that global warming is threatening Minnesota and the nation.

There is still time to prevent further destruction of nature. Last year, the amount of wind energy used in Minnesota was equivalent to taking 757,000 cars off of the road per year. It was also equivalent to saving the amount water that would nourish 48,100 people.

Minnesota is currently one of the biggest proponents of wind energy. A set of federal tax provisions give cuts to businesses that use wind power. These provisions are set to expire this year, and already businesses are closing their doors to wind usage. ("Clean energy future is at risk in Washington," Nov. 28).

I urge our elected representatives to extend the tax credits on wind energy and maintain the clean and healthy environment that is the pride of our state.