The test-tube hamburger news (“Test-tube burger generates so-so review in London,” Aug. 6) reminds me of a piece of short fiction I read in Playboy when I was in college, some 50-plus years ago. (Sorry, Mom — I did read it.)

The technology to manufacture artificially made meat products, according to the story, was achieved. But government regulators insisted on two things: The artificial product should be identical to an actual form of animal meat, and the manufacturer need not identify what that actual product was.

One particular product became immensely popular and was used in gourmet meals, standard meals, lunches and much more. It was favored worldwide. And people became very curious. What was the real product that this delicious and sought-after artificial product was based on?

After much debate, it was finally identified — human flesh. Beware of what comes from the test tube.

DON GRUSSING, Minnetonka