Neal St. Anthony (Aug. 6) notes that the Minneapolis Convention Center has "failed to generate the revenue its boosters projected 20 years ago; thus an operating subsidy is required."

He goes on to write that the city now estimates that there will be enough revenue to retire the Convention Center bonds in eight years and start funding the city's share of the Vikings stadium and pick up the Target Center debt, based on projections that the hospitality taxes will "grow 2 percent per year, less than they have on average since 1990."

Bear in mind that the economy was very strong in the 1990s and again from 2003-08. Guess what, people of Minneapolis? It ain't gonna happen.

In a short time, your taxes will again be raised to help pay for the Convention Center, the Vikings stadium and the Target Center. Citizens are faced with potholed streets and an understaffed Fire Department.

On the other hand, there will be a new football stadium and a refurbished Convention Center, so it is a pretty good town if you own a sports team, a bar or a hotel.