Tonight, as I was jogging, I heard some children playing. One boy, in his best, gravelly voice, yelled, "I'm the ruler of the world!"

It reminded me of the boy-man Leonardo DiCaprio's "Titanic" line. But I couldn't help also linking it to the "adult children" who are running our government.

It seems that the desire to lord over others never leaves some people. In the April 3 metro section, I read about how brilliant leaders felt that a new Trader Joe's in the Lyn-Lake area of Minneapolis "isn't a necessity in that neighborhood."

In the next story, Mayor R.T. Rybak and some other council member/hanger-on celebrated their "benevolent" changes in zoning, allowing chickens, eggs and other produce to be grown in the city.

Oh, I see: The rulers have, in their infinite wisdom, deemed that we don't need grocery stores, but we do need to grow our own groceries. Now, I don't mind either idea -- live and let live, and let the market determine how many grocery stores we need.

But it seems clear the rulers have a plan.