She is not just another statistic: Minneapolis' fourth homicide victim in 2011.

She was a lovely young woman who had her entire future ahead of her ("Minneapolis homicide victim wanted fresh start," March 30).

Stephanie Smith is not just a number. She was a student, a friend, a cousin, a granddaughter, a sister.

She was a daughter who called her mother twice on the day she died.

She had a family: stoic and caring grandparents; a loving mother with an inner strength and quiet dignity we should all wish to have; a beautiful, spunky, honor-student little sister.

Gunshots took her away.

We hear about the tragic murders of our community's young people -- read about it in the newspaper, watch the reports on TV. We comment on blog posts, feeling secure that it couldn't happen to us.

We think it couldn't happen to someone we know. We may be momentarily saddened by the loss. We may even be angry. We quickly forget. We move on. I've been guilty of this myself.

The next time you hear a story such as this, remember: Not everyone has the luxury of moving on, of forgetting. Please people, stop the killing.

Let's work to find justice for Stephanie.