With heavy hearts, many of us watched the trial of Aaron Schaffhausen and thought, “How could a monster like this man even be living?” There are no words to describe his unspeakable act, and there never will be.

However, when reading “Remembering the light in her girls, she survives the dark” (April 21), I was able to find hope again. At least three times in the article, Jessica Schaffhausen mentioned the support of her community.

“I know this really evil thing has happened,” she said, “but all I’ve seen outside of that one act is a lot of good from people.”

In my opinion, that screams America. It’s been a long, hard ride in this country, especially recently with the Boston Marathon bombings. But how incredible is it that from such a heinous crime comes so much support and hope?

We need remember that it is easy to see the evil, because in life that’s what is talked and written about. We need to start looking at the amazing people who step up in this country — the people like those who have gathered themselves around Jessica Schaffhausen in such a time of darkness.

We need to be like Jessica Schaffhausen.

Annie Baker, Eden Prairie