Brett Favre's decision to officially file his retirement papers (again) with the NFL drew a collective yawn from fans who have seen this movie previously and grown tired of it.

But on the same day that it was reported Favre had filed those papers, another important piece of evidence surfaced that the quarterback really is going to call it quits. Favre began the long process of repairing his relationship with the Green Bay Packers -- the team with which he will always be identified and the team that will one day retire his No. 4 in a ceremony that will be an attempt to let bygones be bygones.

In classic Favre fashion, he e-mailed a response to ESPN's Ed Werder that the Packers are "by far" the best team left in the NFL playoffs. Green Bay, of course, will face the Chicago Bears on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game. Anyone who has ever covered Favre or watched him closely, knows that his dealings with the media almost always have a purpose and in this case the purpose is some late damage control.

"[Packers QB] Aaron [Rodgers] is the best QB and the receiving corps is the best ever, maybe," Favre said in the e-mail. "But [defensive coordinator] Dom [Capers] and the defense gets the MVP award at this stage."
Favre went on to tell Werder, "There is no bitterness. I'm happy for [the Packers] and very happy and content with my legacy," adding, "I think they will win it all! I hope they do, if you are wondering."
How long will it take the Packers and their fans to get past what happened with Favre after the 2007 season? Not to mention the fact he then went and played for one of Green Bay's arch-rivals? All of that remains to be seen. 
But it's clear Favre is laying the groundwork for a reconciliation that will serve him well in retirement.

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