I know these Hollywood people are all about artistic integrity and doing the right thing, but sometimes you just have to wonder if money might have been the issue:

Simon Cowell blames attorneys for the fact that Paula Abdul's deal to serve as a judge on Cowell's "The X Factor" closed at the eleventh hour Sunday -- just as the judges' rounds of auditions were about to start.

 He even said there was talk of using a guest judge, but he ultimately would have called off Sunday's auditions if Abdul's deal hadn't closed..

 "I would've canceled today (if deal hadn't gone through)," Cowell told The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday at the University of Southern California's Gaten Center before the judges auditions began..

 "The issue was that these conversations had gone on long enough. It's not like I sprung this on somebody. I just thought it's time for everyone to do their job and get the deal done. I couldn't have sat in front of you lot and said (Paula) wanted to do the deal and we couldn't."

Whatever Simon wants, Simon will get. By the way, a talent show with the input of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul? Sounds familiar, somehow. But it’ll probably be totally different. The third judge will call people “cat” instead of “dawg.”

UPDATE: In case anyone should feel compelled to ad actual facts to this entry, they have a third judge, and she's Nicole Scherzinger. Who? Her:

She's a former Pussycat Doll, In a normal sane world, that would be enough to qualify her, but this is Simon's world, and she must have some other special aptitude. We'll have to wait for the show to see. 

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