Remember Jerry Glanville?

When I was covering the NFL, I flew to Houston for an Oilers-Steelers playoff game. Glanville took me aside and told me a bunch of funny stories. Had me laughing. I couldn't help but like the guy.

Then a friend who had covered Glanville for years told me he had heard all of those stories at least 25 times.

I remembered that late Monday night, as I was listening to Brett Favre.

The guy knows how to run a press conference. He's funny, smooth, quick, and relevant. He's the ideal press conference interview.

And there are always friendly faces in the audience. The national media love him, and there are always writers from other cities who don't get to see him often. They eat up his lines.

Me? I've heard them all too often. Even after his team gets destroyed, he'll go into the interview room and talk about his ``great run'' and that he has ``no regrets.''

Brett: It's really not all about you anymore. It's not. You helped ruin a good team this year. Save all of your funny stories  and one-liners about how great you are, or how old you are, for the last game of the season. Your act is old and tired. We've heard this all before.

-The guys I feel for are Leslie Frazier and Joe Webb. Frazier is being forced to audition for a job under horrible circumstances - with a team that quit on the previous coach and is old, battered and defeated.

Frazier could end the season with a four-game losing streak, and I wouldn't necessarily hold it against him.

Webb was put into an impossible position. He thought he was starting. Then Favre big-footed him. Then he comes in cold in the second quarter, in a snowstorm, against a good defense. He didn't play well, but is anyone surprised?

-I keep saying the Wolves are intriguing, but will they try playing defense just once? Aren't they embarrassed enough by their record to try to stop someone once in a while? Geez.

-I'll be on 1500espn from noon-2 with Phil Mackey on Tuesday. Please call in and make fun of Phil. He can take it.


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