Get your tickets now, they’ll go fast. Reuters says:
Larry King is getting his turn to do the talking.


The veteran TV interviewer, who left his "Larry King Live" CNN show after 25 years in December, is launching a series of one man comedy shows in April about his life and work called "Larry King: Standing Up," producers said on Tuesday.


King, 77, will give fans "a hilarious and insightful look" at his life both behind and in front of the cameras. The one-night-only shows will cover his life growing up as a street-smart kid in Brooklyn to tales from his career as the man who interviewed presidents, generals and celebrities.

As long as no one takes it literally, it might be amusing; he can tell a story if the need arises, and many of the tales have been holed and polished by constant repetition. Like the Carvel Ice Cream story, an almost Homeric account of his attempt to get to New Haven to buy three scoops for fifteen cents with his friends, one of whom was Sandy Koufax. He told that story on the radio all the time. It’s hilarious!


But true? Hey, what is truth, when you get down to it? We have our own versions of the world, don't we? Well. Jack Shafer over at Slate wrote about King vs. the Truth a while ago, and quoted a Washington Post profile that actually investigated the Carvel Ice-Cream Story. The writer, David Finkel, called up Sandy Koufax. He said he’d never been to New Haven.

Furthermore, [Koufax] says, he and Larry King have never been friends. In fact, he says, even though they grew up in the same neighborhood, he didn't get to know King until long after both had left Brooklyn behind. King was on the radio by the time they met, and the Carvel story had already become a part of his life.


"I asked him about it," Koufax remembers.




"He just laughed."

Guaranteed he’ll tell the tale the same way on stage, complete with Koufax.

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