An old soccer teammate brought this video to my attention. It's ridiculous and two minutes too long, but no parent with a kid in sports can watch it without seeing a kernel of reality. (Xtranormal is a text-to-type video app, hence the amusing voices.)

I'll fess up to being both characters. I once "reminded" a baseball coach that my son hadn't pitched in a while. I also remember a father yelling across the soccer field -- mid-game -- about the lack of coaching strategy I was employing in a U9 game.

So watch (in a place where you can laugh) and then post a comment to the following question: When is it appropriate for parents to tell coaches how to run their youth sports teams?

ALSO, AN APPEAL TO PARENTS: I'm writing next week about kids who drink energy drinks. Email me at if your kids drink them or if they have asked to drink them. Seems like some kids drink them for the caffeine surge, while others believe they boost athletic performance.


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