I spent last week on Lake of the Woods and it was nothing short of spectacular!  What a fishery!  With smaller fish combined with a few larger walleyes, the action was nice and steady all week.  

I was staying at an awesome resort called Zippel Bay Resort,  They have some phenomenal cabins and great food,  Fished with owner and charter captain, Nick Painovich, for a few days and got a great lesson in fishing with downriggers.  We caught several fish in the 26 to 29 inch range with lots of eaters just below the 19 inch protected slot.  We fished primarily north and west of Long Point and had excellent success while field testing the new, re-designed Lindy Shadling,  Redfish and Golden Shiner were the best colors.  These cranks will be in the stores in a few months, but I was truly impressed by the results.

I also had a great day while fishing out of my own boat with lead core line, again trolling with Lindy Shadlings.  We were fishing in 34 feet of water with 225 feet of leadcore and #5 Shadlings, while trolling at 2 mph.  I figured that the baits were running at about 32 feet down with that much line and at that speed.

All in all a great week of videotaping, taking photos, and fishing.  Hard to beat that!

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